Июль 30, 2017

4 plow Universal Cultivator and Plant Feeder

4 plow Universal Cultivator and Plant Feeder KU-4ВМ designed to perform during the growing season of the main types of inter-row cultivation (weeding, loosening soil , cutting irrigation furrows ,fertilizing in the middle between the rows and side rows) of cotton, kenaph, maize and other tall-stalked row crops with spacing of 60, 70 and 90 cm, planted a four-row seeders. The cultivator is aggregated with tractors MTZ-80, TTZ-100КП, TTZ-80.11, Т28Х4М, Т28Х4М-A.


Basic time productivity, hectares per hour 1,12- 2,21
Specific fuel consumption, kg per hectare 3,5 — 8,1
Operation speed on basic works, kmp 4,66 — 6,14
Tilling depth
a)       when removing the tops of the ridges before sowing or putting together with sowing, simultaneous loosening the seed bed with a fixture to GPR-4 6-8
b)      when cutting grooves, measured from crest to bottom account of the shedding of the soil 14-25
c)       to eliminate weeds in the cultivation of the soil:
— inter-row spacing 4-18
d)      when applying fertilizer
— near the row of plants 12-14
— in inter-row spaces simultaneously with the cutting of irrigation furrows (furrow covered below) 3-4
Width of inter-row space with cultivator, sm 60 70 90
Cultivator mass with full set of operational bodies along with instruments, kg 1400+32
Overall dimensions, mm, while operating
Basic set length 5645+5,6
Width, no more than 4400
height (hopper lid machine fertilizer) 1830+18
At carry :
Length 6030
Width 4400
height (hopper lid machine fertilizer) 2050
Durability, years 7