Июль 28, 2017

Chisel cultivator

Chisel cultivator with three-row intended for pre-planting, layer-by-layer soil loosening with simultaneous application of mineral fertilizers, by preparing with teeth harrows, and whitening and cutting the roots of weeds. Chisel — cultivator is aggregated with tractors of class 40кН and equipped with dual hydraulic aggregate systems.


Type of the tool Trailing, hydroficated
Productivity per hour of basic time, ha/h 1,67
Operating speed on the basic operations, km/h 7-8,5
Effective width, m 4,0
Transport clearance, not less than, mm 300
Tillage depth, in sm, no more than
а) in tillage 18
б) when cutting weeds 12
в) when cutting grooves 25
г) when applying minerals 18
Quantity of fertilizing devices, pcs 5
Weight with full set of working bodies, fixtures and tools, kg 1760+50
Overall dimensions, мм:
On board, length 5420+50
Width 3940+30
Height 2565
Durability, years 7