Август 3, 2017

Lawn Mower Forage

Lawn mower Forage MCC-2 is designed for cutting green (seeded and natural) lawn, corn and other crops up to a height of 1.5 meters with simultaneous chopping and loading of the vehicle crushed mass used for direct feeding of cattle, and for fodder. The Mower is equipped with hydraulic system, which carries out:

-rotation of the spout,

-the transition of the mower in the working and transport position height,

-setting cutting height mowed grass,

-corn and other crops

Lawn mower forage set includes spare and dismantled parts. Forage mower, the MCC-2 has a number of technical advantages that distinguish it when used in various areas.


Aggregated type of machine Trailing
Working width, m -2
Plant grinding, mm  0-200
More than -200 -0
The height of the ground mass flow, м, not less than  3,5
Direction on loading Back, left
Cutting height regulations limits of the operation body,mm  60-150
The number of blades in the rotor, pcs  44
Aggregation  1,4
Speed, kph, no more than  operation/travelling  4,5-7,5/20
Overall dimensions of the plough in operational position, mm
Length 3050
Width 3300
Height 2400
Mass, kg 1500