Июль 30, 2017

Mounting mower

Mounting Mower KOS-2.1 designed for mowing natural and seeded grasses with

laying the crop in swath. The mower is aggregated with tractors of models TTZ-80; TTZ-100; MTZ-80.


Type of aggregation Mounting
Working width, m, no less than 2,1
Operation speed, kmp 6,7-12
Productivity, hectares per hour
Basic time 2,3
Operating time 1,8
Travelling speed, kmp 15
Energy consumption, kwt 4
Cutting machine segment type Finger bar
Cutting machines number 1
Road clearance, mm, not less than 400
Overall dimensions while operating
Length 5300 +50
Width 3880 +50
Height 2485+50
In operating:
Length 5300+50
Width 2100+50
Height (with tractor) 2485+50
Staff, person 1
Cutting depth, mm 60-80
Lawn loss, in % 2
Run to failure, hour, not less than 35
Durability, years 5
Structural weight, kg 225+3%