Июль 30, 2017

Mounting Plough

Mounted plough with 4 plows (3+1×40) designed for plowing under crops and industrial crops soils not littered with stones, with an absolute humidity of 1 5 to 2 0 % , with a specific resistance of not more than 5 MPa (50 kg/cm2 ) to a depth of 30 to 40 sm. The Plough used in the fields with flat terrain, when the slope is not more than 80, and saltwater microrelief with a distance between the ridges 60 and 90 cm. Plough is aggregated with tractors of models ТL-160,CLAAS ARION, CASE Maxsum. Areas of application — irrigated agriculture of the Central Asian regions. The plow enables a movement in a furrow field.


Тип Mounting reversible
Productivity in an hour for in ha/hour, not less than 1,5………2,5
Tilling depth, sm 30……… 40
Plow width, m 1,6
Shell to shell distance, mm 840 ± 10
Shell to shell distance in operation, mm 400
Shell quantity, pcs 4/4
Transport clearance in upper position of the plow, mm, not less than 300
Plough mass with a set of bodies for main technological operations, kg кг 1030+3%
Overall dimensions, mm
Length 3400+50
Width 1600+50
Height 1590+50
Travelling speed, kmp 30……. 40
Operation speed 10……..25