July 27, 2017


Harvest Forage Machinery Plant in Urgench

Harvest Forage Machinery Plant of Urgench was founded in September 1981 on the basis of Lyubertsy Plant named after Ukhtomskiy located in Lyubertsy city Moskow region. Since 1994 the factory was transformed into joint-stock company of open type.Since 1996 the decree of the Cabinet of Ministers entered into the composition of Holding Company "UZSELHOZMASH" in May 2014 is part of the "UzAgroSanoatMashHolding" by the Khorezm Regional Justice Department of the city of Urgench.

The territory of the plant is 7.46 hectares. New production buildings were put into operation in 1987 with new equipment with an industrial area of 16160 square kilometers.

The plant has press forging, mechanical, welding, instrumental and assembling sections. Also, the plant is equipped with hydraulic presses, cranks, screw plates, presses with power of 500 tonns, turning machine, milling machine, drilling, polishing, welding equipment also all the sections are equipped with cranes.

The plant’s infrastructure include roads, power plant, waterpipe and canalization, gas access with medium pressure.

The plant specializes in producing segmental ploughs KDP-4, KOS 2 and rotor KIR 1 ploughs with different models, cultivators, chisel plows, grubbing plough, cotton seeders also producing parts for agricultural equipment and one time orders.

These productions lines are still active and plant produces ploughs one and double layered ploughs. Besides production line the plant also carries out different types agricultural repairs. The plant has been delivering highest quality of production along with repairs. That’s one of the reasons the products of the plant are being exported to CIS, namely to Russia Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan.

The plant has purchased modern automatic installments of laser cutting sheet metals with press brakes and computer control to manufacture more competent production.

Open Stock company Urgench Kormmash plans to cooperate with foreign partners in order to produce modern high technology products of agriculture and parts for them with high export potential.