June 11, 2019

Corporate department

Internal regulations

Regulations on the general meeting of shareholders (download)

Regulations on the supervisory board (download)

Regulations on the executive authority (download)

Regulation on internal control (download)

Regulation on the inspection commission (download)

Regulations on the procedure for action at the time of resistance to dependence on interests (download)

Regulation on information policy (download)

Regulations on dividend policy (download)

Business Plan 2017 (download)

Business Plan2018 (download)

Business Plan 2019 (download)

Statutes «Urganchkormmash» JSC (download)

Structure of” Urganchkormmash ” JSC enterprise (download)

Financial results 2016 (download)

Financial results 2017 (download)

Financial results 2018 (download)

Audit conclusion 2016 (download)

Audit conclusion 2017 (download)

Audit conclusion 2018 (download)

Certificate of JSC “Urganchkormmash” (download)

Accounting balance of JSC “Urganchkormmash” 2016 (download)

Accounting balance of JSC “Urganchkormmash” 2017 (download)

Accounting balance of JSC “Urganchkormmash” 2018 (download)